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Easily adjustable to suit your needs! A must-have top quality stainless steel plate holder handmade in Italy. Choose the position of your plate or hide it as you please! - 1.5mm thick with slots to help assembly on rear fenders with standard drilling.- Attack arrows 8mm. Put the plate at will, the LED light will remain in correct position.- Made of a special material capable of being easy to cut and at the same time resistant.- Assembly instructions: put your plate on the plastic part and mark with a felt-tip pen (or follow the dotted lines according to your country) and cut with scissors or cutter.- If you want to mount with stuntbars you can cut it easly and remain resistant!- Universal model can be adapted to any bike by doing 2 little holes on the fender.- They have holes for blinkers. E-marked LED light included (with brake light).- The DUCATI 698 plate works with the OEM light.VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE.Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
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Light up your ride with these e-marked and stylish blinkers will make sure you stand out from the crowd with their dazzling light. Don't let their tiny size fool you, these little guys pack a punch!⚡ - Made in high quality ABS material.- Street legal E-marked with smoked glass.- They are durable and very easy to install.- Very bright with a low energy consumption.- Very small design to ensure a clean aesthetics.- 3,5cm length x 1cm wide. Relay included. - Conexions: black (negative) red (positive).- Make them plug & play with the KTM/HUSKY/GASGAS adapters! Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
The ultimate bike protection for fearless riders! With these top-of-the-line sliders, you can confidently hit the road without worries! Rev up your ride and slide into the future with these game-changing sliders! - They are made to be heavy duty and durable.- Built in high quality and durable materials to last.- Brilliant sliding performance to save your bike in case of a crash!- FULL kit with all mounting hardware required, fully bolt on.- Tailored for each model for the best looks and protection.- They cover the original axle nuts for the PERFECT fit.- Instructions included to mount it without problems!- Price for 4 axle sliders (for both wheels).- Video tutorial HERE!Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
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The crown jewel! Turn heads and make an entrance with the RGB MULTICOLORED LOCCI'S Headlights, the quality at the highest level! They provide you with enhanced visibility, improved safety, and unrivaled style! Fearlessly take on the open road! Shiping and stickers included! - “MagicStrip” Bluetooth App for IOS & Android. - Bluetooth 120 RGB animations color change.- 6 months product warranty and product support.- Variety of color changing animations (16,7 Mio.colors).- Inverted polarity and overvoltage/waterproof protection.- Group mode: Synchronize animations with your whole crew.- Handmade with high quality materials, passion and love.No more darkness! Keep forward!FITMENT:- KTM 690 SMCR 19-24.- GASGAS SM 700/ES 700 All Years.- KTM EXC-F/XCW-F MODELS 14-23 4stroke.- KTM EXC/XCW/TPI MODELS 18-23 2stroke.- For older models/bikes you will need a modern mask.- For 2024 models you need a 2017-2023 mask and this adapter! OTHER FITMENT: - FOR 2 STROKE BIKES WITH AC CURRENT (OR 4 STROKE CARBURATOR) NEED THE AC/DC CONVERTER.- FOR 2 STROKE BIKES OF OTHER BRANDS NEED AC/DC CONVERTER+H4 ADAPTER CONNECTOR (IF YOU HAVE H4 CONNECTOR ON YOUR BIKE).- FOR THE REST 4 STROKE BIKES WITH H4 CONNECTOR YOU NEED THE H4 CONNECTOR ADAPTER. WARNING! WARRANTY WILL NOT COVER:Any kind of self-made modifications to the headlight, usage of a non original wiring, modifications on the headlight connector, connection of the headlight to a bike with alternate current (NO BATTERY) without the Movetronix AC/DC converter! Warranty only covers damages to the electrical system of the headlight! Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
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Worried about your expensive exhaust in case of fall or crash? Shield your exhaust and enjoy peace of mind on the road with the best exhaust protector out there! Works for all kind of bikes and exhausts!- High quality exhaust protector, easy to install with firm grip.- Prevents movement at the moment of the crash and cushions impacts.- It suffers little wear and is resistant to high temperatures.- Most important: it's cheaper than buy another exhaust!- Measure around your exhaust to know your size!Size S: 24-34 cm normally for 2 strokeSize M: 34,5-40 cm for 4 strokeSize L: 40,5-45 cm for bigger 4 strokeSize XL: 45,5-53 cm for extra big 4 strokeAdd an extra touch of color to your bike! Also, some of them glows in the dark!Note: measure it well! if you make a mistake when measuring the size you will be charged the shipping costs for the new size according to our refund policy.Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
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Introducing the ultimate street legal handlebar mirrors! Say goodbye to those mediocre, bulky standard mirrors and upgrade to these universal and premium ones! Give your bike a touch of style and functionality now!💪 - Street legal E-marked. Adaptable left and right.- Multiple positions improving visibility and style.- Robotized mechanism for precision adjustment.- Maximum mounting flexibility: up/down, right/left.- Top quality materials. Wind, shock and corrosion resistant.- To place them on the handlebar, put them in the thinnest parts of it (22 or 24mm).- Includes all you need for mounting. Size: length 103 mm; height 175 mm. Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
Introducing the revolutionary TBS PRO MAGNETIC GOGGLES! Swap out your lenses with a simple flick of your finger - no headaches, no fuss! With ultra-secure magnetic tech, you can trust that your lenses will stay in place, offering unrivaled protection & security for any situation. So go ahead, unleash your style!- CE marked and approved. Inside double anti-fog and outside anti-scratch.- Flexible TPU frame with three layer foam giving comfort.- Adjustable strap with non-slip triple rubber pattern for optimal grip.- Strong Magnetic lenses: easy to change or remove them for cleaning!- Lenses with UV400 protection: cut off ultraviolet harmful light to protect your eyes and offering a clean and optimal vision.- Don't forget to remove the protective film inside the lens before use! Use our online chat for doubts and questions!
Unlock a NEW level of visibility and safety! Its improved design gives you style and confidence as you blaze a bolder, brighter path. Go further with shipping, style, and stickers included! Light up the night! - High LED bubbles technology with powerful light.- Low and High beam (2100-4200 lumen intensity).- E-marked and made to durable with high quality materials.- NEW smoked LED strip, giving more light and better looking.- 6000K white cold light and IP67 waterproof. -40ºC and 65ºC resistant. - Conexions: Green (negative) White (low beam) Blue (high Beam) Brown (LED strip).- They come plug & play, you can always remove and make it manually. - No more darkness! Keep forward! IMPORTANT:In some bikes the plug&play conexions don't match so you have to change the position of the cables: Green (negative) White (low beam) Blue (high beam) Brown (LED strip). Check before connect!Fits in the standard headlight mask: KTM690 SMCR/ENDURO 19-23125 to 530 EXC/EXC-F/XC/XC-F/XC-W/XCF-W 14-23HUSQVARNAFE/FC/TE/TC 125 to 501 14-23For older models or other bikes you will need a modern mask.Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
Make an impression with these unique, stylish and affordable mirrors. Don't sacrifice your bike's style with those drab stock options; these ones will have you and your bike looking fly! You'll see anything coming in no time, so your rides are always safe and sound! They incorporate a new piece that allows more movements and positions improving visibility! They keep the same style and aesthetic than the 2.0 ones and the same force against the wind! To place them on the handlebar, put them in the thinnest parts of it (22mm). Measure well to be sure you have 22mm handlebar where you will mount them. Includes pieces to place them on the ends of the handlebar, to place it on another part of the handlebar, simply don't use that pieces. Racing use! Use the online chat for doubts or questions!
KTM LOCCI'S EYE 1.0 2014-2023
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Highlight your ride with the original Locci’s LED Angel Eye! Feel the power and safety on the go and be seen with more style than ever before! Shipping and stickers included! What are you waiting for? Brighten up your rides!  - Handmade headlights by Locci.- Eye color: yellow. Light color: white.- Inverted polarity and overvoltage protection.- Made to durable with high quality materials to the detail.- Low and High beam, which has 3 modes: strong, weak and flash.- The Headlight has a KTM/Husqvarna/Gasgas 4 Pin Connector.- No more darkness! Keep forward!Plug and play for:KTM 690 SMCR 19-24GASGAS SM 700/ES 700 ALL YEARSKTM EXC-F/XCW-F MODELS 14-23 4-StrokeKTM EXC/XCW/TPI MODELS 18-23 2-Stroke- For older models/bikes you will need a KTM mask.- Have a 2024 model? You can mount it with this adapter!- For the rest of 2 & 4 stroke bikes with H4 connector you need the H4 adapter. Use the online chat for doubts or questions!